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Selling Diamonds Review in Washington DC

 We have so many happy clients and their reviews that they leave us for when they sell their diamonds are amazing. Recently we helped a lady in washignton DC to sell her diamond ring and that way she can have a wonderful Easter holiday with her family.
Here is what she said:
Great, thanks very much. You made this process painless and convenient!
Happy Easter,
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GGC Diamonds Review From Happy Diamond Buyer

The ring is beautiful and she was in shock! She absolutely loves it. Thanks for your efforts on this and making it happen for me. we will be in touch soon. Take care.

-Chris D.

Get your favorite diamond ring from us. We can customize any ring that you want and find you the very best price for your diamond ring. Contact us today to learn more.

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How to sell your diamond

There are thousands of places to buy a diamond or engagement ring but did you notice that there are not any places out there that help you to sell your diamond. Below you will find the best ways to appraise your jewelry, how to find an appraiser, and if selling a diamond on consignment really makes sense.

AAA CASH FOR GOLD. Thats Right Every company in the world is offering you cash for scrap metal, silver, and gold but nobody wants to purchase a loose diamond. The bulk of the money from any of those gold stores in the inner city and pawn shops is going to be paid out for your scrap value and weight of the gold of the ring or piece of jewelry that you are trying to sell.

How Do You Know What You Have?

Most people don’t know what they have. However, if you have a certificate from GIA or EGL or one of the other reputable diamond appraisers then fill out the free diamond price quote to the right and we will be able to tell you exactly what you have, how much it is worth, and the best way to sell it for cash. If you have a gold testing kit or diamond testing kit then you can try to use this but most inexperienced users will find that you will get a false sense of reality as to what you are really testing for. The only thing that you may be able to do is to use a scale to weigh a loose diamond to determine the carat weight and if you have separate pieces of gold or silver than you can weight that as well.

How To Tell if a Diamond is Fake?

There is not a way to tell over the internet. The jewelers on 47th street in New York City where famous for swapping one diamond out for another and using CZ’s also known as Cubic Zirconas to trick sellers and buyers into purchasing a fake that appeared to be real. To figure out the clarity you will need to send it in to us. What you need to realize is grading a stone is very difficult and something very few people can do since you have to become a certified gemologist to properly appraise and grade stones as no two stones are ever the same. However, if it is a really small stone less than a half a carat then the color and clarity will not really matter.

Do you hire an appraiser or how do you figure out the value then if there isn’t a certificate? Well if this is the case then you can work with us to get a dollar value placed within a consistent range as to what your item is actually worth. If you ask for an insurance value you are making a big mistake as that number is skewed to favor the insurance companies and gives you a VERY VERY unrealistic idea of what your items are actually worth. This inflated value is typically 100-200% above the actual value and any appraiser from Chicago, San Francisco, to Palm Beach, Florida can tell you this in person. Also bear in mind getting it appraised is a fixed cost that you will not make back so think twice before getting an appraisal as it is a waste of time and money for most sellers.

If you try to compare pricing on eBay or Craigslist as a lot of inexperienced sellers often do you will find that the information and values on there are not comparable to actual wholesale pricing. This is because you do not have the same exact item that is on eBay or Craigslist and

What you want to do if you’re selling it on your own is make sure you have all the factual information about that item up front. Find out the color of the stone, the carat weight, what kind of gold it is, what period it was made, and you can try to sell it on your own online at a place like EBay or Craigslist. I would always try that route before I would go to a dealer.

Does it Make Sense to Consign a Diamond to a Dealer?

The cold hard truth is that it does not make sense to do this even though common knowledge and life before the internet said to do this. Estate jewelry is a strong selling point and it can take years to sell in a store with no guarantee. Thanks to the advent on this thing called the internet you can cash in on your old jewelry, diamonds, rings, and other items by working with reputable online companies that can either work with you to send you a wire or check after confirmation of your items that you want to sell or we can set you up to go into a local affiliate of ours and get cash on the spot but the value may be less than if you mailed that stone directly to us.

None the less we are here to offer any free advice and help for you when trying to sell your diamond jewelry. The diamond price quote to the right will give you an estimated value and location where you can go today to sell it if you are ready to part.

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