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Broken Engagement – What to do with the Ring

Some things are supposed to last forever but sometimes that thing never begins. No need to worry though. Watch the video below and let us put a smile on your face by making light of the situation. To be honest broken engagements and divorces are very common. In the USA alone there are over 1.2 million divorces each and every year and in almost every single situation there is a diamond wedding or engagement ring waiting to be sold to end the painful memory of the ex fiance.

If the two of you decided that it wasn’t meant to be than don’t worry its not the end of the world perhaps its better to call it off before it begins. The old adage better safe than sorry is often true in these situations. It is also a lot cheaper to do so prior to marriage than having to go through the pain of a divorce down the road.

In other cases its just not the time quite yet. Even though the love is there marriage is not in the cards and even though you just went to the jewelery store and spent all of that money the world is not over. You can certainly sell the diamond now via our free diamond price quote and when the time is right and you have the capital you can go back and purchase another round brilliant diamond ring for your wife to be.

Another important thing to remember is that no matter the reason for the prior dissolution to your marriage no explanation is needed. It is often embarrassing so knowing that the best thing to do is to just let everybody casually know and work with us for a private, safe, and secure way to sell your ring.

Broken Engagements are very common so don’t fret the typical rule of thumb as far as returning the engagement ring is no matter who broke it off the typical protocol calls for the bride to keep the gift and to sell if to GGC Diamonds for immediate cash. An exception to the rule is held if the gift was an heirloom and thus it will be up to the parents to decide if the memory now held with the wedding band is better traded in for money and or to trade up to a larger stone.

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