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Cash In Your Diamonds

Now is the best time to cash in your diamonds. As of 2011 gemstones are at an all time high due to the current state of the world economy but much like those who bought houses at the peak it would be smartest to cash in on your diamonds by no later than 2012 as prices are at a tipping point since they have run up so far so fast.

We specialize in wedding rings, engagement rings, tennis bracelets, and other investment grade diamonds that you may be looking to sell. People need to sell their old jewelry for many reasons. As you can tell from the video whether it’s a recent divorce or the need for extra money to pay the bills in these tough economic¬† times GGC can certainly help you out.

We have a free price quote where you can input your information such as the clarity, the cut, carat weight, and color of your item and from there you get an estimation, free consultation, and overview about how our safe and easy selling process works.

With over 70 years in the business and a refined selling process that is safe, secure, and most importantly the best option for you to maximize your payout GGC Diamonds is proud to have been voted the number one online purchaser for your old jewelry.

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