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How Much is my diamond worth

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Trying to figure out how much your diamond is worth? Well that depends on a plethora of factors. Diamonds are not like other commodities where the price varies based upon weight only. Gold and Silver is a prime example. Each ounce of gold no sells for the spot price on that given day which at the moment is around $1,742.00 per ounce. Diamonds however don’t sell based on their weight alone.

There is something called the four C’s which stand for Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. Each of these four characteristics can vary between numerous different options. The color can be white or fancy. Have you ever seen a yellow or pink diamond? Well if so than you may know that these prices vary greatly from the traditional prices of a white diamond. Also a selling price for a diamond that is .99 carats compared to one that is 1.01 carats can vary tremendously. Also cuts that range from round, brilliant, point, table, old single, mazarin, peruzzi, old European, and a handful of others but again tied in with various color, carat size, and clarity will make the diamond worth different amounts.

Secondary Diamond Selling Market

There is no official diamond selling market. When we receive your gemstone we are taking a chance on reselling it to an official dealer or jewelry store. To find out the value of your diamond please contact us today or fill out the free diamond price quote and learn how we can help you put cash into your pocket right away.

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