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How to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Learn How to Sell Diamond Jewelry for the Most Money with Help from GGC

There are many reasons you can make the decision to sell your diamond jewelry.  It could be broken and not worn anymore, recent divorce, broken engagement,  or you could just need the cash.  It is very easy to sell your jewelry these days.  If you want to know how to sell diamond jewelry, keep reading.

We offer a free diamond price quote. Try it out and get a general idea of what your jewelry is worth. You can sell diamond jewelry many different places.  If you want to get it off of your hands quickly, you could take it to a pawn shop.  However, you’ll get little to nothing at a store like this.

You should consider selling your diamond jewelry to a company that specializes in buying gold, diamonds, and other precious materials.  Contact us today for a free quote and we will tell you how you can safely ship your diamond jewelry to us and get the most money for your old diamond jewelry.

When learning how to sell diamond jewelry, you should know that there are many factors that affect the price of your diamond.  The most important factor is carat size.  This is a measure of how much your diamond weighs.  In most cases, the more a diamond weighs, the more it will be worth.

The cut of the diamond will also affect the amount of cash you get for it.  Many diamonds have a brilliant or round cut.  However, you may also have a fancy-shaped diamond like in the shape of a heart.  Fancy-shaped diamonds are worth less than brilliant and round cuts because most people aren’t looking to buy them.

The color and clarity are also important factors. The process of selling your diamond jewelry to GGC is extremely easy.  Just give us a call at 1-877-909-4653 or contact us using the contact form to the right and we will get right back to you about how we can help out and buy your diamond jewelry.

There’s nothing for you to worry about when you sell to GCC.  The process is safe since all mail is registered and insured.  If you aren’t happy with the transaction, you have the option of returning the money and getting your jewelry back.


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