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I Want to Sell my Diamond

Looking to sell your diamond or diamonds but don’t know how to get the most money for your jewelry?

GGC & Diamonds specializes in purchasing your diamond as well as helping you to trade your old diamonds for newer pieces. We are one of the select few GIA Certified Diamond graders on the internet and will proudly help you in the selling process. We do business with other diamond specialists and colleagues located in South Africa, Antwerp Belgium, Israel, New York and Los Angeles. So no matter where in the world your carats came from we can accommodate you.

We offer a free diamond price quote to your left so you can get an idea of what your carats are worth. Of course if you need help or assistance do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly go over with you how the safe, secure, and insured sales process of your old diamonds works.

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We are a certified GIA Diamond Grader and we also proudly abide by the Kimberly Process