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Kimberly Process for Diamond Certification

Finding out the origin of a diamond is very important due to the past nature of the diamond trade. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme abbreviated KPCS was designed to reduce what is known as “Blood Diamonds”.

The United Nations after the Fowler report came out was determined to do something about the problems that arise from the mining of diamonds. This process was created to ensure consumers were not contributing to the abuse of humans by purchasing fine gems.

Compliance Requirements

  • Each shipment of rough diamonds crossing an international border should be:
  1. Transported in a tamper-resistant container.
  2. Accompanied by a government-validated Kimberley Process Certificate.
  • Each certificate must be resistant to forgery, uniquely numbered and describe the shipment’s contents.
  • The shipments are only supposed to be exported to other KPCS participant countries.

Failure to comply with these procedures may lead to the removal of the non-complying member country. If any concerns arise regarding a country’s adherence to the scheme, they must be investigated and dealt with by the World Trade Organization.

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