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Sell a Diamond

How To Make The Most Of Your Diamonds

Diamonds are a great asset to accessorize with but today there areĀ  millions of divorces every single year and when the love is gone you’re better looking to sell a diamond instead of keeping it locked up in a safe. With almost an astonishing 50% of marriages ending up in divorce court it’s no wonder why the local jeweler can’t afford to purchase back your ring and let everybody else in town know that he/she bought your old diamond ring.

When it comes time to sell a diamond you need to first figure out what its current resale market price value is. You can either contact us and let us do all the hard work for you or you can use our free diamond price quote located to the right.

Knowing the cut, color, carat and clarity that determine their current value will certainly help determine a rough estimate as to what your diamond is worth or you can simply send us the diamond and let us do all the hard work examine the diamond to give an accurate appraisal. If you really want to sell a diamond, a professional appraisal and certification is a must. We will take care of the certification of your diamond for you for no additional cost to you.

If your ready to sell a diamond today or have any questions at all than please do not hesitate to contact us.

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