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Sell Wedding Band Set Online

Now that the marriage is over and the divorce process is in full force it makes more sense now than ever to sell your wedding band. If you have a set of bands than selling them online is the best way to put quick cash in your pocket thanks to jewelery prices selling at all time highs due to the tough state of the economy and investors looking to put their money into hard assets and commodities such as jewelery, diamonds, and gold.

When the proposal of marriage comes there typically is no larger symbol of love and eternity between the two partners but that tends to only exist in a fantasy world as its now time to part with the wedding band. An engagement ring is supposed to be the expression of love whether its a gold or platinum band for a man or woman. These are also given as anniversary gifts. These eternity bands are also stuffed with gemstones and diamond melee which are called pointers that have a small value but increase the overall dealer price due to the immense amount of work to insert the stones into the piece of jewelry.

Whether its a Tiffany designer ring or a hand crafted ring we will still gladly make an offer on your old jewelry. Our process is as simple as this: You fill out the free diamond price quote, we than follow up with you to discuss how we send you a fully insured Federal Express box and grade your jewelry and have a cash, check, or bank wire to you in as little as 24-48 hours from the time we receive the items.

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