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Selling a Diamond in NYC

Selling a Diamond in NYC – How to Go About the Process & Where to Sell It


Diamonds are precious stones that have a very high re-saleable value. Nevertheless, in the past it has not been easy for recent divorcees or somebody who is in need of cash to get a price that is worthy of their diamond. Until Now, GGC has over 80+ years of diamond buying going back 3 generations. GGC will give you a free price quote for your diamonds as well as the best price on the market.


Since the entire process of selling a diamond is complex we try our best to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you because it usually involves getting verification of its authenticity through the GIA or the Gemalogical institute. This is a complex and cumbersome task that we take on for you to ensure that you get more for your engagement ring or diamond when dealing with GGC rather than anybody else in the New York City.

Further, there are a lot of other technicalities involved like properly identifying the diamond, proof of the original seller and in many cases, the source of the diamond. Since people tend to sell stolen diamonds, laws regarding selling a diamond in NYC are very strict. However, if you fill out our free diamond quote form to the right or call us at 877-909-4653 we will be glad to instruct you on the most efficient way to sell your diamond if you’re in the NYC area.


Step 1: Find the value of the diamond


Don’t go to a trader to sell a diamond in New York City, unless of course you want to get ripped off. They will make a valuation of the stone but unfortunately they won’t give you nearly as much as GGC will. If you don’t want to get an appraisal in the city than you can utilize our diamond price quote form even if you may not have all of the paperwork or information for the diamond.


Step 2: Fill out the Form to the Right


If you don’t want an immediate appraisal you can fill out the forms to the right and we will contact you via telephone to explain how the safe and secure sales process and appraisal system works.


Step 3: Make the sale


We send you an insured and secure packaging so you can send us the diamond and the next thing you know you have a bank wire, cash, or check in exchange for your diamond and your good to go!


If you’re in the NYC area and are looking to sell jewelry, diamonds, engagement rings, or any other jewelry that may need to be sold as a result of a divorce, bankruptcy, or the need for extra money than please contact us using our contact form to the right.


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