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Selling a Diamond

Selling a diamond

Need helping selling a diamond? Looking for the best possible way to safely sell your diamond for the most amount of cash possible? Then you are in luck as GGC & Diamonds specializes in purchasing your old diamonds.
Whether it’s from a broken engagement, inheritance, death in the family, or for money that you need to raise after the divorce is finalized we will make you a cash offer for your jewelry and either send you a bank wire, check, or cash right to your door within 24-48 hours no questions asked. GGC & Diamonds has created a safe, secure, and insured way to get rid of the old unused items in your jewelry chest and turn them into much needed money.


We offer you a chance to receive a free diamond price quote as well as a plethora of diamond information explaining different cuts, colors, carat sizes, and clarity measures which help to determine the value of a gem according to the current selling prices of your piece of jewelry.
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask as we will promptly return your inquiry. We have GIA certified diamond graders located all over the world and offices located throughout the United States.

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We are a certified GIA Diamond Grader and we also proudly abide by the Kimberly Process