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used engagement rings

Used Engagement Rings spring up every single day. Sometimes it’s not meant to be and the only thing that lasts after the wedding is well the wedding ring. So do not be distraught and forced to look at this piece of jewelry on your finger every day but embrace the new life and freedom you will have by getting rid of the old engagement ring.

Where to Sell Your Used and Old Engagement Ring?

When you are looking to sell off or purchase an old engagement ring you have to think outside of the box as the Zales, Jared, or local jewelry store that you purchased it from will not be buying it back from you. So what do you do? Well there are a few options. The first is that there are services that allow you to either send in your diamond ring and a cash offer is made based on the measurements and the 4 c’s of the diamond. If you are looking to head into a local store then you may be in luck as we have affiliates and stores throughout the country. The biggest locations we utilize for our clients are Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Palm Beach, New York City, and Greenwich. If you are located outside of any of those regions do not fret as we will still be able to get you set up at a local jewelry store to appraise and purchase your used engagement ring.

If you are looking to purchase a used engagement ring than we can advise you the best places to go but it’s not very common to have a jewelry store brand a diamond engagement ring as being used as the perceived value would have to be much lower. Any of the websites that allow you to consign or sell will take months to years to sell and after their cut is taken you will not get nearly as much as you thought you should have received for your old stone. Websites that offer you to consign used engagement rings are ebay, tradesy, exboyfriendjewelry, amazon,, and

Popular engagement ring brands come from Alex Sepkus, Apples of Gold, Blue Nile, Brodkey’s jewelers, Gordon’s, Helzberg, Jared, Kay, Satomi Kawakita, Tiffany & Company and of course custom made jewelry.

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