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Diamond Selling guide

Need help selling your old engagement ring, loose stones, and just do not know where to go or what to do? No need to worry anymore as our Diamond Selling guide is a comprehensive way to help you maximize the amount of money are going to receive for your old pieces of jewelry.

Did you know that now is actually one of the very best times to ever sell off your old items. The middle class in China, India, other emerging markets from around the world has increased the appetite for diamonds and has helped to increase the price of your item as much as 50%. An increasing number of jewelers are selling more and more stones from wholesalers which is the only way to sell off your old items. (please note wholesalers are the people who buy used jewelry while jewelry stores will not purchase old stones or used items.)

Follow our steps and advice below in our premiere Diamond Selling Guide to help understand what you have and how you can sell off your old jewelry, watches, timepieces, loose stones, and of course diamonds:

1. Understand Your Jewelry or Diamonds

If your mom thought that it has to be worth a fortune just because it’s shiny and belongs around your finger does not mean that it is. Most cases you end up having very dissapointed parties who think that their wedding ring is worth a lot more then it actually is. Learn about the authenticity of the item. It may have a certificate from GIA, EGL, or an appraisal which will help give you a better understanding of the size, shape, clarity, and cut of the item. If you go to a local pawnshop they will give you an unfair assessment free of charge (you get what you pay for). Telling you that your items is worth very little and than they can give you a very small check right there on the spot.

2. Have a Realistic Selling Price in Mind

If you have an appraisal in hand then expect to get anywhere from 20-40% of whatever the appraised value states. This is because appraisals are created for insurance purposes and do not properly reflect the true value of your ring, stone, or diamond. If you think your jewelry is worth sentimental value then expect a rude awakening when the gemologist tells you what the true wholesale value is.

If you look at recent jewelry sales on eBay, Craigslist, and Rap Net you will be able to get a general idea of what the second hard market is paying for used jewelry. There is no reason for somebody to pay a premium for your used item when they can purchase a polished version of your item straight from the jewelry store and knowing the authenticity is a huge benefit where in the second hand market you have a lot of hurdles to overcome when trying to sell your item.

3. Look at the Best Selling Options

Those looking to resell their diamond jewelry have a couple of different options. Sell to a jewelry or somebody who specializes in these items such as GGC & Diamonds or sale it to the general public via the classifieds section. It’s not about getting top dollar but selling it in a timely manner to a reputable company or person. That is why we always recommend interested parties to work with us as we offer top dollar, we are extremely safe, and secure to deal with. Since time is money we always end up being the most beneficial out to our clients looking to sell their jewelry. You can even get a free diamond price quote from us using the form to the right to get an instant quote on what your items true retail market value is. Since we need to resell your item and make a profit you can expect to receive a fair wholesale retail price for your stone.

If you list on eBay you lose so much money from their fees, paypal fees after you sell it and get the money, and your are not protected from potential scammers in the diamond industry that can really make your good day turn sour awfully fast. The public may pay more then an insider like us but trying to resell to a retail location like a Zales or Jared will lead you to the conclusion that they are glad to sell you the item for top dollar and glad to deny you the opportunity to resell the stone.

4. Know the 4 C’s

Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Whether it’s a 1.01 Carat Round Brilliant VVS1 cut diamond or a fancy color rare stone there is a buyer out there. If you have a certificate number and information from GIA that certainly helps tremendously to sell off your old ring. When filling out a diamond price quote form make sure to declare as much information as possible to get the most accurate price quote for selling off the item.

5. Emotionally be Ready To Part

Having no sentimental value is extremely important. As our main video portrays it’s not about the memories because they are still seen everytime you look at the ring. We want you to move on with your life and it is not easy but doing so is going to make you a better person. Now you can when you sell off your old diamonds. Let the future be better then the past and do not be sad because it’s over but be happy that it happened in the first place. You have a bright future ahead of you but you need to part with the ring and move on with your life and we are here to help you with that process.

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