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The 4 C’s in Diamonds

Diamonds are known to reflect vast wealth and are notated as the most concentrated form of wealth in the world. When it comes to grading and measuring what a diamond is worth the traditional measures used are known as the Four C’s for: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. These four terms are briefly described below:

Color: Diamonds are known to be clear and shiny. However they range from being utterly colorless to a yellow tint. The higher the color and the brighter the tint means that the diamond is worth more than a dull colored one.  The color scale ranges from D which is the best to Z.  If a tint is lower than “M” that would mean that the diamond is dull looking. D-F are the most popular diamond colors followed by G-I. If your diamond is J-M than it is a faint and cheaper graded diamond.

Cut:The proportions, symmetry, and the polish of a diamond are the facets that outlay a diamonds properties. The appearance ranges from many different types of cuts with the most popular being: brilliant, round, and  emerald. The cut is actually what makes that shiny ring sparkle and defines the fire and brilliance. Scintillation are the flashes of light or sparkle as a diamond is moved around. The more reflective the light is when being shined through the diamond the more it is worth.

Clarity: For the most part all diamonds will have slight imperfections which are known as inclusions. The graded clarity is dependant upon how many inclusions or imperfections there are on the gem and the visibility of those inclusions. A gem with 5 inclusions is more pure than one with 8 inclusions. From FL to L3 are the different clarity levels. You can learn more about this on our Diamond Price Quote page.

Carat: This is one of those terms that you always hear about when discussing engagement and wedding rings; “How Many carats is it?”. Diamonds are weighed in carats and not ounces due to their low weight and rarity.  A single carat is = to 1/5th of a gram. So a carat is often classified in 100 points. So if a diamond is 75 points that would make it equivalent to 3/4ths of a carat. The larger the diamond obviously makes both it’s weight and value much larger.

If you have any further questions about the 4 C’s or need help selling your old wedding ring than please contact our GIA diamond specialist graders today.

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