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Where can I return my diamond ring

Have a diamond ring and you don’t know what to do with it? Well if you just watched the video above than you very well may know that the best way to sell your diamond ring is to GGC & Diamonds with our fast, easy, and secure selling process. When it comes to returning your diamond ring after a divorce, separation, or just realizing that marriage was not going to work you will find that the local jewelry 99% of the time will not take back the engagement ring.

As you may or may not know Rings are not returnable nor are they refundable. The reason for this is that the local jewelry store has an incredibly high mark up and they need to keep a rolling inventory so once they sell you your engagement or diamond ring they use that money right away to purchase more gemstones.

So instead of returning your ring(s) you are better off contacting us and getting a free diamond quote and working with us to get some immediate cash into your pocket from a reputable GIA certified buyer of rings with over 80+ years of experience in the business.

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