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Where to Sell Diamond Jewelry

Where to Sell Diamond Jewelry

If you have jewelry that you no longer want, you can easily sell it for cash.  You’ll need to decide how to get rid of it however.  Here are some of your options on where to sell diamond jewelry.

In the past, most people took their jewelry to the pawn shop to sell.  This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of it.  However, pawn shops sell jewelry for cheaper prices than other places.  This means that they will have to give you even less money than any alternative.

When thinking about where to sell diamond jewelry, you may also find local jewelry stores to be a good option.  You’ll certainly get more than you would by taking it to a pawn shop.  However, the store may not want your particular diamond if the jeweler doesn’t feel he can sell it in his store, it’s often embarrassing going to the same jewelry store where your diamond engagement ring was purchased to try and resell it back for a 10th of the value.

Many people make the decision to sell their diamond jewelry to a friend or family member.  This is certainly an option if you know someone who is getting married or just looking to buy a nice piece of jewelry.  Doing this won’t get you the most amount of money but at least you will know who currently owns the diamond.

You can also sell diamond jewelry to a collector.  This is a good option if you have suitable antiques.  You would have to go through the trouble of finding someone interested.  You also may not be able to unload every piece that you want since the collector may not want to buy everything.

If you have a yard sale, you could also sell diamond jewelry.  Obviously, you would want to know how much it’s worth before trying to sell it.  Buyers would likely try to haggle the price down even further, so you may not get as much money this way.

If you’re trying to decide where to sell diamond jewelry, then you should consider selling it to us here at GGC.  We specialize in buying diamonds and getting cash to you in the quickest amount of time possible.  You would get a closer amount to the retail price than you would with any of the other methods listed above and best of all you can get a free quote by either calling us at 1-877 909 4653 or contacting us via the form to the right.

You’ll find that working with GCC is fast and easy. We will pay to mail out your diamond jewelry registered and insured.

When your jewelry arrives, it will quickly be inspected by our expertly trained staff.  You will receive a payment immediately after that.  The whole process is fast, easy, and most importantly safe and that’s why clients love selling their diamond jewelry to GGC.

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